How can Adwords automation help you do a better job?

Every Adwords expert know, that they could do better, if they had more time and resources. Adwords is already doing a lot of automating like: Including your in the ad auction, even you don't have [...]

Keywords vs. Search Terms

I was looking though an Adwords account from another Adwords agency. One of the most used keyword was “Danish Swedish”. It was in top 10 with most impressions, clicks and cost. With that keyword people [...]

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

Introduction: Many people new to marketing think that Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is the magic formula to achieve high ranking in the search engines and thereby secure a steady stream of money. The claim is supported by the documentation of almost all keyword research tools and has been repeated by thousands of inexperienced marketing people. I say that if anyone says that the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) is great to find good keywords/search terms, without explaining any of the drawbacks, then they are either out to cheat you or they just don’t know any better. […]

Adwords strategy for longtail keywords

How do you bid on keywords that you don’t have statistics for? I have seen many consultants just delete the long tail keywords from their Adwords campaigns. They didn't even look if they performed well [...]

How to illustrate improvement in Adwords?

If you are an experienced Adwords manager, you probably had clients that want bigger market share, lower marketing cost/cost per conversion or just want best value for their budget (Not to mention all the crazy [...]

Terms used to search for keyword lists

Have you tried to find the same list again and again as part of your keyword research? I found that I searched for the same terms for list all the time (mostly: keyword + list). [...]