Keyword Research Consulting

Keyword Strategy Report


  • You want all the answers in a report
  • Lists of keywords potential customers use to find your products/services
  • Splitting keywords into groups
  • Expansion and maintenance strategy
  • Strategy for the use of keywords

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Keyword Strategy + Certification


  • You want to work together making a keyword strategy and implementing it
  • Together we make: Keyword lists, keyword groups, expansion/maintenance strategy and a long term keyword strategy
  • You will be certified in marking keyword projects

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Status and Improvement Report


  • You have outsourced online marketing and want a demand expert to analyze and make suggestions for improvement
  • A status of what is working
  • Improvement suggestions ready for implementation
  • A keyword strategy

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Other Projects


  • You have a project where online demand is part of it
  • Workshops, coaching, courses, talks, improvement programs and projects etc.
  • Development and specifications of online tools, CMS, etc. where online demand is a part of it

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