Have you tried to find the same keyword lists again and again as part of your keyword research? I found that I searched for the same terms for list all the time (mostly: keyword + list. ex. “car insurance list”).

I start thinking that I had to make a list of related terms for lists and check which had the most success.

This is the terms of lists I had the most success with:

1. Keyword List
2. Glossary
3. List
4. Dictionary
5. Terms
6. List all Terminology
7. Jargon
8. Word list
9. A-Z list
10. Official records
11. Records
12. Listing
13. Directory

I usually search: keyword + term of list

I had great success with 2 -13, but I never had any success searching for “keyword list”. I always end up with a fake list or a list that only include very mainstream keywords. I included it anyway, because someday people will realize what a great resource to attract potential customers a keyword list can be.

If you like to know more you can read a more detailed article of the technique of finding a keyword list.