Keywords vs. Search Terms

Use the search terms searchers are using and not just the keywords you are paying for. Our tool makes it easy to sort the search terms people have used.

Win Over Your Boss

Shift Your Adwords performance into a higher gear. Get cheaper conversions and improve market share with a minimum of knowledge and work.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)

KEI? Online tool are full of features that sound promising, but have difficulty to deliver. Here is the pros and cons.

Adwords Strategy For Longtail Keywords

What options do you have, when you can’t base your decision on statistic? Here is my solution.

What is a keyword

A keyword are words that can describe content. We try to give a clear definition of one of the most important concepts in SEM.

Semi-automate your Adwords

Pausing ads leading to 404, out of stock & slow loading pages. Do routine keyword research etc, so you have time to be creative.