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About Keeyword

Do you use or sell my keywords?
No, we do not use or sell your keywords. We use your keywords to train our algorithm so we can make an even better presorting to save your time.

Why do you make this keyword tool?
We like untargeted advertising (spam) just as much as you. We hope to help you weed out the noise and make money in the process.

Why is your keyword tool better?
– We find more relevant and target keywords
– We make you use less time to organize your keywords
– You can import/export keywords from/to all sources
Target traffic – Low cost keyword research = more profit

Do you offer support?
For each page in our keyword tool we have a corresponding help page with video instruction. You can find the overview keyword tool help page here. You are welcome to ask any question.

Keyword research questions:

What is a keyword?
A keyword is one or many words that describe content. The words you write in a search box are called a keyword.

What is a search term?
A search term is what potential customers write in the search box

What is a keyword phrase?
Two or more words used to describe content. Keyword and keyword phrase is used as synonyms.

What is Keyword Effectiveness Index/KEI?
It is a formula that compare the number of pages indexed by a search engine to the of number searchers that search for the keyword. The KEI formula is calculated as number of pages divided with number of searchers.

What is keyword demand?
The number of searchers for a keyword.

What is keyword brainstorming?
It is the process you use to find keyword to a seed list. A keyword seed list can be used to find related keywords using a keyword tool.

How do I find keyword lists?
Search for keyword + Name of list(glossary, list, dictionary, terms).

How do I choose keywords with a limited budget?
Find targeted groups of longtailed keywords that want to buy your product.

How do I download the Site Search Terms from Google Analytics?
Set data rage and download 500 keyword every time. Collect all keywords into one file by copy/paste.

How do I make a seed keyword list?
Find keyword lists online about you subject.

How do I download search keywords from Google Analytics?
Set data range, non-paid and download 500 keyword per time. Collect all keywords into one file by copy/paste.

How do I organize my keyword groups?
Start by marking one big keyword list. When you have found the many thousand keyword used to search for information and products in your industry, when split them into small target keywords groups.

Why are long tail keywords profitable?
– You save cost of irrelevant clicks
– You get high CTR => low CPC
– You get high conversion because you know what people want and can give them that
– Synergy effect makes it even more profitable

How do I decide if a keyword belongs in my keyword list?
Ask you self: Is this keyword used to search for “subject of keyword list?

What word do I used to search for keyword lists?
Instead of list you can use: Keyword List, Glossary, List, Dictionary, Terms, List all Terminology, Jargon, Word list, A-Z list, Official records, Records, Listing, Directory.