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For you who want to have implemented a best practice keyword strategy in your organization. We provide a roadmap and ensure that we reach the goal. You provide knowledge of your industry. Together we carry out the work leading to an implemented keyword strategy. We are committed to transferring as much knowledge as possible in the process. Therefore, we can certify you as keyword researcher after successful implementation.

Expected effect:

[list style=”list2″]

  • Decrease in the click price for Adwords and other PPC Networks
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Increases improvement rate in online marketing
  • Understanding and certification in keyword research
[/list] Working Process:
We set targets, allocation of resources and preparation. A consultant comes to you or in case of excessive transport costs, it can be done over Skype. After an initial strategy meeting, we started to find keywords, sort them and organize them into groups. During the process, you will add information about your industry and we will train you to become a certified keyword researcher.

Estimated Time:
The time needed depends on how big an area we need to cover in our keyword research, the starting point, how detailed and how much of the work you like to do yourself.
We normally use between 8-100 hours on a project.

How do we get started?
Call us on +45 5036 1000 or write a short message and we will call you.

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