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You have outsourced your online marketing, but would like it went better. Instead of reviewing the the word done, as you have done before, you can see the advantage in letting an expert do it for you.

How we do it:
We go though the online marketing from our area of expertise. Keyword research is the foundation of online marketing and it is often the part that gets the lowest priority. By focusing on suggestions, we are able to active big improvements.

The report contains:[list style=”list2″]

  • What is working
  • Where can we obtain improvements
  • Tangible suggestions for improvement that can be tested within: Expansion of keyword groups, new/separation/splitting of keyword groups etc.
  • Method for maintenance of keywords
  • Precise proposals for areas where better keywords strategy can improve online marketing

Expected effect:[list style=”list2″]

  • Decrease in the click price for Adwords and other PPC Networks
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • SEO improvement
  • Accelerations improvements in online marketing

Material:[list style=”list2″]

  • Reading access to your Adwords and Analytics accounts
  • List of landing pages
  • Other material related to keywords
  • Where do you want to go?

How do we get started?
Call us on +45 5036 1000 or write a short message and we will call you.

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