Google Ads guide

Get top performance in Adwords
-This is our proven methods and tools to get top results.

Google Ads Guide
How to build long tail search campaign fast and easy.

Long Tail Campaign Builder
One-keyword-ad-groups get the highest Quality score, CTR, Conversion rate, ROI, market share and the lowest CPC, CPA etc.

Research keywords and sort search terms better and 5 times faster
Google Ads keyword browser tools is good for overview and small adjustments. But when it comes to expert sorting and maintenance it is a nightmare.

Adwords guide

Detailed explanation of every key subject you need to know to call yourself an Adwords experts and great resource to refer to and saving hours explaining in emails.

Keywords vs. Search Terms
Know the difference and how to improve performance by converting search terms to keywords and negative keywords.

What is a keyword?
Greate to link to and stop using time to explain.

Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and other mumbo jumbo metrics
Get results by working smarter and learn to spot worthless bosswords.

What is a search term?
Learn how to unlock the power of search terms and explain to customers/bose why you need more time to get better results.

What is a keyword phrase?
Explain the similarities and differences between a keyword phrase and a keyword.

What is a negative keyword?
Unleash the power of adding negative keywords. Let your competitiest pay for the clicks the never become conversions.