How to download and use search terms in Google Ads

It is probably the best source of keywords for most businesses that use Google Ads, because:

  • You already specified which keywords that is relevant for your business and your search terms is an extension of them.
  • It only become a search terms if the searcher have found your ad and business relevant(sometimes by error => negative keyword)
  • It is more balanced than keywords from organic results, because it doesn’t depend on what you rank for

How to use search terms

Search terms can be used to know what searchers wants. In the old days you would ask potential customers want they want and they would search there memory and give you a strategic answer. Now you can see what they want, in the moment they want it and what is important to them. They don’t think, you will know what they wrote in the search box, so you get their true desire without noise.

The knowledge of knowing what people want is of course very powerful. Here is how you can translate your knowledge to better results:

  • Negative keywords: So you don’t get searchers that won’t buy your product  
  • Specifying your keywords: So you can bid differently on similar keyword with difference value
  • Buying and marking products searchers wants: If there is a demand it is easy to sell, it’s more profitable and you get a bigger market share
  • Write better copy: Just writing what searchers want, often make the sell
  • Keyword lists: By splitting search terms into keyword list, where you only have one word or word pair, you can later joint them into very targeted one keyword Ad Groups

How to download Google Ads search terms

I used to involve downloading many spreadsheets in Adwords, but it is pretty simple:

  1. Choose the campaign or ad groups you want to download
  2. Choose keywords in the sidebar navigation
  3. Choose search terms in the top navigation
  4. Click download on the right side just on top of the table and choose which format you like

In the downloaded spreadsheet you get the columns you see. If you want different information or a more specific segment, you can change it is Columns and segments on top of the table.

How to download Google Ads search terms in Keeyword

If you want to download all search terms for a campaign. You:

  1. Choose the campaign
  2. Click on: Import search terms for all ad groups
  3. Choose the time interval and which match types you like to export it back to Google ads again after sorting

Now you are able to sort the search terms for each adgroup in Keeyword.

You can also download the search terms at the ad group level. You

  1. Choose an ad group
  2. Click on: Import words => Google Ads search terms
  3. Choose the time interval and which match types you like to export it back to Google ads again after sorting

When you downloaded the search terms to Keeyword, you are able to sort them very fast and export them back as keywords to the relevant ad groups in Google Ads.