How to download the Site Search Terms from Google Analytics

How to download the Site Search Terms from Google Analytics

Google has made it difficult to download the keywords used for internal search from Analytics, which is a pity, because it can be a goldmine of information.

You can use it to get an overview of what your users are looking for and use the keywords in your keyword list.

It is especially useful when you are making a seed keyword list, because it a very fast method to get target keywords.

To see how you download the keywords efficient and adjust all the setting right the first time, just see the short video or keep reading.

If the video didn’t help, don’t get all stressed out, I won’t let you down. I explain it step by step.

Where to find site search terms in Google Analytics

If you are sign in and looking at the Dashboard in the Standard Reporting Window you need to click at Content => Site Search => Search Terms.

If there are no result, it is likely because you haven’t added site search (Which sometimes need some trial and error, but here you can read about how you get started with site search.

Before you start downloading the keywords, you need to adjust or decide not to adjust 3 setting.

Data Range: In the top right corner you can adjust the time period. If you don’t have any good reason to choose a shorter period, then just choose the total period you have had the site search added.

Choose periode in Google Analytics

Filter Search Term: If you have some keywords that aren’t relevant for your website you can use the filter to get rid off them. I don’t use the filter much. If I get unwanted keywords I just sort them away later.
filter when downloading site search from Google analytics

500 Keywords: Google have made it difficult to download you keywords by only allowing you to download 500 keywords each time. Remember to set the “Show Rows” to 500 to minimize the number of spreadsheets you need to download.

Export your keywords: You have now done all the setting and can move on to export your keywords. You do that by scrolling to the top and press “Export” in the beam. I like to download my keywords as CSV for excel, but the choice is yours. After you downloaded the first file, scroll down to the bottom right and press the arrow to get the next 500 keywords. Continue until you downloaded all the keywords.

The keyword list: If it is a big website with many users, the list can be very long. Therefore I will go through how you can copy/paste it into one list fast.

Open all the spreadsheets. Scroll down to the first keyword (A8) and mark it, hold down Ctrl, Shift and press the down arrow. Copy the keywords and close the spreadsheet.

I like to use Notepad to keep my keywords without statistic. So I open Notepad and paste keywords.

Now you copy the keywords from the next spread sheet…

Hopeful you are not totally exhausted after you finish downloading the internal search keywords, but are sitting with a big well deserved smile. Next you probably want to sort the keywords so you separate the useful from the misplaced. You can use our keyword tool to do that.

When you are finish sorting the keywords that you are going to use, you probably want separate the keywords in different categories/campaigns. For that you can use our keyword splitter.

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