How to make thousand of one keyword ad groups in 5 minutes

How to make thousand of one keyword ad groups in 5 minutes

It is best practice to find some very important keywords in your campaigns and make ad groups with just one keyword in them. It is a very efficient method to improve results. The problem is it is very time consuming.

What if you could start making an optimized one keyword ad group for all of your keywords, even the long tailed ones?

This is what we have made a tool to do. Let’s go through how it works:

First I am going to assume you have made a list of the most important keywords and sorted them into lists of similar kind, meaning or what else makes sense.

Start with inserting two/three lists:

Google Ads keywords lists

If you use the “Add multiple lines” you are able to copy/paste the whole list. Name the list something short.

The tool will take all the combinations and make one ad group, with only one keyword.

Match types
Choose which match type you like. In each ad group there is only one keyword, but you can have that keyword in different Match types (we don’t recommend broad match, but tacking all the other works fine).

Match type combo

Now you can make your ads as you are used to, with one exception. You have the ability to insert the keywords in the list
You can insert the words from the lists into the ads. You do that by writing the list name like this: {ListName}

Combo Ads for Google Ads

You can control the upper and lower case by writing the list name like this:

  • {listname} => All letters in lower case
  • {Listname} => First letter upper case
  • {LiStname} => Lower and upper case as in the list

When you have made one ad, you can click new and try to improve it in a new ad.


  • Use the arrows to go through some of the ads to see if they read well with the keywords.Insert the keywords many places, but don’t overdo it.
  • Good places are in the first headline, part1, part2 and the description.
  • Make one ads where all the character limit are kept. When you combine the two longest keywords from the two lists, you will often break the limitation. That is ok, the tool will just not make the ads that break the limitation.

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