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New project and Import

In New Project/Import you are able to start a new project and import keywords.

Project name: Needs to be a unique name. We recommend that you keep it short and descriptive.

It can become difficult to remember names if you are doing a lot of keyword research. To make thing less complicated you can use your category structure or the names, you use in Adwords to name the keyword projects. It is possible to import and convert your Adwords account into projects.

The project name is the only part of the project that isn’t optional.

Question: The question is setting the border between keywords that belong in the keyword list and keywords that doesn’t. You have to choose a question where you can answer yes to and the keyword belong to the keyword list and no if the keyword doesn’t belong.


• If people use this keyword in Google too search with, will they be interested in SUBJECT?
• Is this keyword used to search for SUBJECT?
• Is it more than 50% likelihood that this keyword will be profitable for my SUBJECT Adwords Campaign?

In most cases you can just replace SUBJECT with the topic you are making a keyword list for.

Import Unsorted Keywords
Unsorted keywords are the keywords you want to decide if they should be included in your keyword list.

You can import as many keywords as you want.

Tip: If you have many keyword lists you want to sort and don’t have a Good keyword list, it can be faster to import one keyword list and sort it before importing the others. It is because a well defined good keyword list helps the software to split the lists into promising and questionable lists. That helps you sort faster.

If you all ready have a well defined Good keyword list it is best to upload all the keywords list at once.

There are 4 methods to upload keywords:

The box: You can upload by copying and pasting you keywords in the box. One line is one keyword. If the list is big we recommend you save it in a .txt file and upload it by the browser function, because uploading of files are more stable.

The keywords will be uploaded when you click upload in the bottom of the page.

Browse: You click on browse and find a .txt document. After it is uploaded you will see the title under the browse button. If you regret just unmark the small box and the list will not be uploaded.

All word processing programs can save as a .txt file. In MS word it is called plain text. Simple word processing programs as Notepad always save in .txt

One line is one keyword.

URL: You can also specify a URL to import from. This is a great option if you have the files online.

Import keyword list from another project: In the box you will see a complete list of all the good keyword lists.

To select one: You click on the name.

To select more: Hold Ctrl down and click on the name you like to upload.

To deselect one: Hold Ctrl down and click on the name you like to deselect.

To deselect all: Click on one name, hold Ctrl down and click one time on the marked name. Now non are with blue background.

Import Good keywords
Good keywords are keywords that you want to include in your keyword list. If it was a good keyword list for finding searchers for this keyword tool, it could include: Keyword list generator, keyword list, keyword tool, but doesn’t include: car, tool, ice.

You can add good keywords by the same method as unsorted keywords.

If you import a good keyword list from a different keyword project, it is important that it is a subset of the new keyword list you are making. SEO is a subset of Marketing and Keyword tool is a subset of SEO, but Marketing isn’t a subset of Keyword tool or SEO.

If a good keyword list isn’t a subset of the keyword list you are making, it is better to include it in unsorted keywords so you can remove the keywords that don’t belong.

It is important to include Good keywords in your first run, because it helps the keyword tool to know the different between keywords that are likely to be good and other keywords.

You can now click on the upload button in the bottom to finish. The tool need some time to import all the lists and to process it before you can start sorting (please be patient). When the keyword tool is finish processing you will be redirected to the first sorting task.

Advanced setting
In the Advanced setting you can adjust the other import lists that is used to process your keyword project. If you don’t feel confident in the effects we recommend that you leave it.

Import Bad keywords
Bad keywords are all the keywords that don’t belong in the keyword list for this project (Good keywords). You can import bad keywords the same way as you import unsorted keywords.

If you add bad keyword lists from other projects, when pay attention that it is a subset of the keyword project or revise the bad keyword list before continuing with the sorting.

Include Sexual Keywords in bad keywords: If you mark this you will include our list of sexual keywords in the bad keyword list. You can find the current Sexual Keyword list here.

Import Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are mostly used for PPC advertising, to make sure ads are not shown for specific keywords that don’t perform.

You can import Negative keyword lists the same way as you import unsorted keyword lists.

Import Delete lines
Any keyword in the Delete lines list that is found in the unsorted keywords will lead to a deletion of the whole keyword (keyword = line)
If you import “.com” in the deleted lines and have this 3 keyword:
test .com test

The second line will be deleted because it include “.com”.

The first line will not be deleted because “.com” is a part of a longer word.

And therefore the list become:
test test

You can include Sexual Keywords if you want to delete all lines that have a sexual word.

When you mark restore default all changes, all changes in Delete Lines will be deleted.

Import Delete Symbols
Any keywords in the Delete symbol list that is found in the unsorted keywords will be deleted. The different between delete lines and delete symbol is that in the delete lines the whole line will be deleted, while in the delete symbol only word or symbol will be deleted.

If you import “.com” in the deleted symbol and have this 3 keyword:
test .com test
test test

They will become
test test
test test

Click upload to finish and start the sorting.


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