Keyword Brainstorming

Keyword Brainstorming

When you are making a seed list as the first step in your keyword research, it is important to know what you want to achieve. Many articles suggest that brainstorming is a very important source to gather keywords. I think it is an inefficient method, because it takes a too much time, but it offers other advantages.

Here you can see the video where I explain how to do keyword brainstorming. You can also see the parts under each chapter in the article.

I suggest you use keyword brainstorming to:

  • Get keywords of your mind
  • Create a list to use with the other techniques
  • Think of angels and demands you need to cover

Let’s start by getting the keywords of you mind. I usually set some rules to limit the time use to brainstorm:

  • Stop when you have 10-20 seconds without a new keyword pops out of your mind
  • Don’t start combining the words you already have written
  • Don’t censure what you write (you can do that after you are finish)

If I was brainstorming about our keyword tool I would open a new text document and start writing:

Keywords about keyword tool:

Direct keywords:
keyword research
keyword tool
keyword suggestion tool
keyword sorting tool
marketing demand
SEO software
SEM tool
Google marketing

Problem solving keywords:
How to find keywords for PPC
How to rank in Google
Tips for improving ROI in Adwords

I use a maximum of 10 minutes and I never ask clients to use their time to brainstorm and send me the results. It helps me to clean my mind and by keeping the document open I can always write new keyword ideas down.

I use a maximum of 10 minutes and I never ask clients to use their time to brainstorm and send me the results. It helps me to clean my mind and by keeping the document open I write new keyword ideas.

Customer brainstorming
Now you have offloaded your mind, it is time to get into the customers brain by answering:

  • Who will search for your product?
  • What tasks will they be doing that needs your help (what itch would you help scratch?)?
  • Where will they be searching from?
  • Which kind of demand would other keywords researchers be overlooking?

Let’s try the more advances brainstorming for the keyword tool.

Who will search for the keyword tool:

  • People that are interested in the online demand for a subject
  • People that are starting or improving their PPC campaigns
  • People that are having a structural approach to SEO

What tasks will the keyword tool be helping:

  • To sort, structure and update keyword lists using an efficient method
  • Keyword research with emphasize on long tail
  • Improving SEM and SEO
  • Get related keywords from Google without importing thousand of spread sheets
  • Split a keyword list into more target keyword lists

Where would people be searching from, when searching for a keyword tool:

  • From a computer while doing a keyword research related tasks
  • From a mobil device researching information about keyword research

Which kind of demand would other keyword researchers be overlooking?

  • The keyword tool could be used to make keyword research, that could be included as a part of a general marked research report
  • Domainers, copywriters and other that like to be in zing with what people are looking for when they buy domains, find names and write ads.

I hope you will get at least one revelation doing the brainstorming and get your mind more focus.

In terms of efficiency it is faster to find keywords though:

  • The keywords people are using to find your site
  • The keywords people are using searching on your site
  • Keyword lists you find on the internet
  • Related keywords to the keyword you already identified
  • Search terms from Adwords

So don’t overdue your brainstorming.

What do you think is important when brainstorming as a part of doing a seed keyword list?


  • It seems as though you know what you are talking about, but the writing is so poor (incorrectly used words e.g. censure instead of censor, and angels instead of angles; phrases that make no sense e.g. keywords of your mind), that it is hard to understand what you mean. You need an editor and proofreader who can take your written piece with all the good information contained within and make it a well-written document. I would be happy to assist you with this!

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