Keyword Demand

Keyword Demand

Introduction: Keyword demand is an important part of online marketing. There are many aspects that makes it difficult to estimate the keyword demand.
Here we give you the details of what, you need, to know about keyword demand.

Definition: The number of searches for any particular query is referred to as keyword demand. So, although search referrals tell you how many of those searchers clicked through to your site, keyword demand tells you how many searchers used that keyword in total. Keyword demand counts the people, that chose a result from your site, as well as all of those searchers for that keyword who chose to click someone else’s site.

Description: Knowing which keywords people use is the most important and just after comes the demand. The sources for the keyword demand aren’t very precise.

Google gives the best estimation of the keyword demand. You can get a estimation though Google’s Keyword Planner for all the keywords you’re interested in, but to get a more precise number, you have to advertise in Adwords. When you advertise in Adwords, you will get the number of impressions, your get, for a particular keyword and your impression share. By dividing the two numbers, with each other, you get the keyword demand (ex: 550 impressions and 50% impressions share. Keyword demand: 550/0.5= 1100 searchers)

Because of the limited information available and the pollution of the results, where automated software search the search engines for information, the search demand isn’t to be taken too literally.

Because any keyword demand given isn’t precise, we recommend you use the keyword demand to choose between different keywords instead of seeing it as a precise number.

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Tips: Information that helps you targeting the right keywords can increase your efficiency many times.

Most times it is better to target keywords that lead to a high conversion, than keywords with a high demand.

Before using lots of time and money to rank in Google, it can be a good idea to make a campaign in Adwords, so you can find a more precise demand and estimate the value of the traffic. My success rate increase many times, when I know CTR with my message, which kind of ads work best, conversion rate and CPC others advertisers are ready to pay.

It might also be cost efficient to use ads in PPC search engines if the demand is very low and the cost might be higher to create contents to attract searchers, when the income generated.

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Go for high converting keywords instead of keyword with a high demand.

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