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Introduction: Keyword and keyword phrases are used as synonyms. In this blog post we give you the most important information about keyword phrases

Definition: A significant phrase in the title, subject headings, contents notes, abstract, or text of a record in an online catalogue or database which can be used as a search term in a free-text search to retrieve all the records containing it.

Description: Key phrase describes a keyword that is made up from more than one word. All terms used in the search engines are referred to as keywords, however, in most instances the keyword is made up of more than one word and therefore is sometimes referred to as a keyword phrase.
Keyword and keyword phrase are used as synonyms, because most searchers use more than one keyword to search.
We use keyword and keyword phrase as synonyms, where the use of keyword phrase is becoming more and more replaced by keyword.

Example: Best practice using keyword phrase, keyword similar meaning, adsense google keyword, define keyword phrases

Example on the opposite: Keyword, seo, marketing, adsense

Explanation: As illustrated in the example a number of keywords used in combination to search for a subject make a keyword phrase. The opposite is a single keyword.

History: As the search engines index have become bigger and the skills of the searchers have increased the average number of keywords in a keyword phrase have increased.

Figure 1. Number of words in a keyword phrases measured in different countries for searchers

Source: KeywordDiscovery.

As illustrated in figure 1 the searchers in the smaller language use shorter keyword phrases. This is because longer keyword phrases result in few or no results. The data are old and the internet and the search engines index have grown since then. Therefore, it is likely that searchers use longer keyword phrase now.

Future: As the search engines index is growing the searchers ability to specify what they are looking for by using lager keyword phrases have to increase.
The introduction of local and personal search will help the searchers to specify their search and their geographic location before they enter any keywords and thereby decrease the size of the keyword phrase.

How to control yourself and others: Try to notice how long keyword phrases you are using and the length of your keyword phrases that gives the best results when you search.

In your websites log files you are able to find the search phrases that searchers are using to find your website. If you are as webmasters are most, you are focusing most on to short keyword phrases and getting searchers with long keyword phrases.

You might ask yourself how I find the long keyword phrases people are using. We only know one way and that is to develop a large seed keyword list and put it into the search engines to get related keyword and keyword phrases that searchers have used.

Tips: It makes good sense to target long keyword phrases that exactly search for what you provide. Search engines are building the search results more and more on user interaction. You can therefore get the search engine to send you more searchers if you can get the people to stay in your site longer, bookmark it, buy your product, return to your website, link to it etc.
With todays search engines it is difficult to compete with the big website if you have a small website, because the quality and quantity of link means so much. One of the ways to get the overhand on a big competitor is to work smarter by optimizing for the long keyword phrases that brings the potential costumers that are ready to buy.
If you are a big player and don’t cover long target keyword phrases, then you are asking to be out competed.

Links: Keyword, Keyword Demand, Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Conclusion: Know your keyword phrases then you search and then you optimize your website. Make it your key focus to optimize for long target keyword phrases.

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  1. Dilu Dangal June 11, 2008 at 6:13 am - Reply

    The article is very much plain to discuss a head among hundres for future prospect of search engine optimization via key word selection. Hundres are doing same business particulary in normal life so with definate keywords location will make difference. And now i come to conclusion that long keywords pharse will matter to topple among hundres. But than what so many user does same like that?? Means Google, Yahoo or MSN needs to search on prority based; where counts business. So what could be the solution.. should we go for building search engine company?? Nice article to start thinking…

  2. sunny May 11, 2017 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Hello, I’m a new to SEO and learning so much about Keyword(longtail keyword),
    I found your site by searching “seed keyword” and your articles are very helpful. Thanks :)
    Any good books or article or your opinion about efficient way of searching long-tail keywords?

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