Keyword research with Google Planner as source

If you have one keyword you want related keywords for, Keyword Planner is a good tool. If you have hundreds of keywords, it isn’t a solution that is workable. The same can be said, if you on a regular basis want to see if searchers have started to use new keywords within your industry.

We have optimized the process of getting and sorting related keywords from Google. This is how it is working:

Choose an Adgroup

  1. Click “Import words” => “Adwords related words”
  2. Choose if you want to use the keywords from the adgroup or the keywords you ad yourself
  3. Click import and wait until Google have sent the related keywords (now is a good time for coffee or doing something else in the tool)
  4. You can now sort the keywords

This is how you sort:

  • Left arrow <= will add the search term as positive search keyword
  • Right arrow => will add the search term as a negative keyword
  • Zero 0 will add the search term as a paused keyword (so you don’t have to sort the keyword again. It is for keywords you don’t want as positive or negative keywords)
  • Arrow up and down will change which keyword you sort.
  • Space => will bring a Google search for the keyword


  • It is easy to get new related keywords again, because you only have to sort a keyword once. So you can keep asking for related keywords, until you don’t get any new keywords or/and you can maintain your keywords ex. once a month.

Think responsible and don’t over do it, so you don’t overheat Google’s servers and the world.