Keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation for search engines marketing. If you get that right, you can be average in other areas and still successful. Writing an ad or landing page that works for all searchers is almost impossible. If you have done you keyword research, you know what searchers want and can make a targeted ad and landing page.

This is an overview article about keyword research. It is supported by articles that dig deeper. All advice have been tested, found successful and is used as best practice.

This article will be updated with new information.

What is a keyword?
Let’s start to define what we are talking about (if you are an expert, you can use it to link to, when you need to explain it to others).
A Search Term is what a searcher have written in the search box. A keyword is what tricks your ad in Google Ads or the organic search results. If most of you search terms in Google Ads are similar to keywords, when you are targeting very precise.
A keyword can contain one or several words. If you want to emphasise that your keywords consist of more than one word, you can call it a keyword phrase.
A negative keyword is a keyword that you don’t want your ads show for.

How to find the best keywords
If you have a business, then a good keyword is one you can make money on and a negative keyword is one that you lose money on.
You spot a good keyword by reading it. If the searcher have a problem, you can solve with a product/service and they are ready to pay for it, then it is a good keyword. The profit is mostly made in the long tail, where the searchers are very specific in what they wants and are standing with the money. The second part is analysing if you can compete with the competitors.
The best method to do that, is to try to compete in Google Ads. Don’t fall for short cuts as Keyword Effectiveness Index that doesn’t work. If you don’t have a big budget, when start with the most promising keywords.
Don’t forget to specify the negative keywords. It is often around 40% of an account performance you can get with a well developed negative keyword list.

How to start the keyword research
If you’re starting all over with nothing, a 10 minute old fashioned brainstorming, is a great start.
If you have access to a working Google Analytics, Google Console and Google Ads account and all accounts have a decent amount of traffic, then I would start downloading the keyword lists from there.
After you download them, there are difference method to process them. The traditional method is to sort the keywords i 3 lists. The keywords you want to have your ads show for(positive), don’t want you ads shown for (negative) and don’t want to target (pause). It can be done in a spreadsheet or our sorting tool.
The other method is to identify single words in lists, that can be combined to targeted one keyword ad groups in a tool.
If you think your keyword lists is incomplete, you can find lists of keywords within your business. You can also use the Google keyword tool, that gives related keywords, to the keywords you input. It can be very time consuming, so we built a tool that can sort 5 times fast.

How to use your superior keyword research
The reason you are putting all this effort in keyword research is to improve Google Ads account. The main effects are:

  • Negative keywords: You stop using money on keywords that aren’t relevant for you.
  • Positive keyword: By specifying the positive keywords, you can differentiate your bids, so the keywords that gives the most value gets the highest bids.
  • Ads: You can write ads that offer exactly what the search wants
  • Landing pages: Since you know what searchers are looking for, what their pains are and you have specified the keywords, so you can send them to an optimized landing page.
  • Quality score: Not only do you get real improvements, but Google also gives you cheaper click prices and a bigger market share, because you have improved CTR, Ad and landing page relevance.

To get the full benefit of your keyword research, you should make ad groups with just one keyword in each. Then you can optimize everything. We made a tool so you can make thousand of optimized ad groups in 5 minutes.

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