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Keyword tool features

We know that the present and the future is to target customers very precise. This is done by knowing what people are searching for in detail.

We don’t provided related keywords or tell you what to use them for. We focus on making it easy for you to sort thousand of longtail keywords and save you time doing it.

Keywords => sort and group => Use keywords

Here are some of the features that we have built into our tool.

1. Filter keywords, remove spaces and low case when importing
2. Artificial Intelligent-Presorting
3. Keyboard decisions
4. Only sort a keyword one time
5. Presorting/Sorting/Revising
6. Adwords account import
7. Splitting
8. Easy export/import
9. Free and unlimited use

1) When you import the keywords, we process them to make sure of a well defined starting point. Before I made this tool I used to go though a whole process before, I could start processing the keywords. Now it is done in seconds.

2) We use artificial intelligent to decide the likelihood of you deciding to use the keyword. We do that because it is much faster and easier for the brain to pick out keywords that don’t fit in a group of keywords that is already sorted. It is a leaning algorithm, so it gets better each time you sort keywords in that project.

3) Mouse clicks sorting are good when occasional changing something, but not to make thousand of decision by hitting small squares. Therefor we base our sorting on using keys on your keyboard. We experience that after a while your finger just become extensions of your brain.

4) We have done it, so you only have to sort each keyword one time. If you use Google’s keyword tool you will have to sort the same keyword many times, because the related keywords are based one keyword and don’t look at the keywords you already have. Many time it is the same keywords that is repeated again and again.

5) If you could not make a mistake you would have to think each keyword though and it would take a long time. Here we have made it a 3 steps process. First the artificial intelligent will sort the keywords, then you will sort the keywords and then the you or another person will revise the keywords just to see if some keyword ending up in the wrong group. It is always possible to revise keywords again to make sure you haven’t overlooked something.

6) The cost is so low of adding an extra keyword in Adwords, that many people have their most detailed organization of keywords in Adwords. Therefor we have made it possible to upload an export file from Adwords directly into our keyword tool.

7) When you have expanded the number of keywords in a project, you find that it cover different demands. Our splitter helps you to split one or several project into other projects.

8 ) We have made it easy to import and export.

9) The Keeyword tool is free to use. We upload a test project when you make an account. It takes 5 minutes to do and after you will be familiar with the tool. Make a free account here.


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