Keyword splitter

Keyword splitter

In the Splitter you can move or copy keywords from one list to another keyword list (you decide if you want to move or copy the keywords in the import step).

You can move the keyword by using two methods
By keyboard: Use 0 for not moving, 1 for moving to the first list, 2 for moving to the second list, 3 for moving to the third list etc.

By click: You just click on the box you want the keyword to move to.

When the last keyword has been moved, you will be redirected to the next keywords.

It is easiest to split into a near keyword list, therefore you can changes order of the columns by left click on the project title, hold it down and move it to where you like it to go.

If you don’t finish you can find the split tasks under the tasks in the project overview page.

Lines: Here you can adjust the number of lines you are shown per page. We get the highest sorting speed if the keyword researcher can see all keywords without scrolling. The keyword tool keep a larges number of keywords in the memory to make sure you don’t use unnecessary time waiting between pages.

Front Size: You can adjust the front size by clicking on the small green triangles.

Task finish: Here you can see how many percent of a task you have done.

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