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Project overview

This is you command center for all your keyword projects. You are able to choose a project, create a new project, split keywords into projects, import keywords from Adwords, search for keywords and projects and choose to continue your waiting tasks.

New Project: Will open a page where you can name and import keywords for a new project.

Keyword Splitter: Will open a page where you can split keywords from different projects and keyword lists into other keywords projects.

Adword Import: Will open a page where you can import an Adwords export file and make each Adgroup into a keyword project.

Search in the project page: Will find projects that have the search keywords in the name, question and in the keywords lists. See also search in the project page.

Project overview: Here you will find all your projects. If there are more than 20 projects you can scroll in the bottom.

Hide/Show columns: You can choose what columns you want to see.

Waiting Tasks: Is all the tasks from all the projects. By clicking on a tasks name you start the task. You can also mark a task and press start. If you press start, without marking any tasks you will start with the first task and work your way down the table. It is possible to order the tasks after the different columns and hide/show columns.


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