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Project overview search

When you search from the project overview page you will find the projects where your search phrase is present in the good and negative keywords, names and questions.

You can use how many times the search phrase is present to find the project you are looking for.

By clicking on the project name you will see the files where the search phrase is present.

Here you can:

Revise searched: Here you revise only the keywords that you searched for. It is mostly used if you have found new information and want to changes classifications for keywords containing a special keyword.

Revise: Will let you revise all the keywords in the list(s) you have marked. It is mostly use to find lists you want to revise.

Download: Will download the marked list(s).

Delete: Will permanent delete the list(s) that is marked.

Go to: Will let you go to the project page.

Times: Is the number of times the keyword was found.

Lists: Is the name of the lists.

Keywords: Are the number of keywords in the list.


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