The Google keyword tool is probably the best keyword tool around. The main problem is that it is based on getting related for one keyword at the time and then sorting that keyword.

If you have a big keyword list, put one keyword in the keyword tool and then you will pick the good and negative keywords. You have the problem that you sort the same keywords again and again.

If put all the keywords into the Keyword Planer, at the same time, you get a maximum of 800 keywords.

If you put one keyword in the Google keyword tool and then download the related keywords, repeat it for all the keywords and in the end sort them, you have saved a lot of time, but you still have to download file for every keyword.

The solution is our Adwords tool

Where you can upload a keyword list or the keywords from an ad group. You will then get all related keywords as if you uploaded one by one.

If you input “Google keyword tool” you might get something like: Google keyword tool, a keyword tool,

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