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Revise Negative

When you are revising negatives keywords you are looking after keywords that will generate low quality traffic for your PPC campaign. See Googles definition here.

Here is what you do if you find a keyword that isn’t a negative keyword:

Left click once: if it is bad keyword.

Left click twice: If it is a good keyword.

Left click tree times: If you change your mind and thing it is a negative keyword.

Click right arrow: If you are finish revising all the keywords on the page.

You can always revise the keyword lists again if you want to make extra sure it is done perfect.

You can adjust the lines and front size:

Lines: Here you can adjust the number of lines you are shown per page. We get the highest sorting speed if the keyword researcher can see all keywords without scrolling. The keyword tool keep a larges number of keywords in the memory to make sure you don’t use unnecessary time waiting between pages.

Front Size: You can adjust the front size by clicking on the small green triangles.

Task finish: Here you can see how many percent of a task you have done.


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