Search terms

Search terms

Imagine if you could pull in your potential customers and put them in a lie detector, to ask them what they really want.

Or even better. If you had a whole army equipped with mobile lie detectors that could get peoples a side in the moment they have to make a decision of whether to buy and what product to buy.

What if you could plug a wire into people’s head to get what they were thinking about.

To creepy. Try wireless, if you prefer.

Without doing this.

I know you are thinking: Too much noise.
But if you make a filter, so you only get the questions related to product-X, when they were in the buying process.

Ok it is not free, but if you use Adwords, you have already paid (you can also use suggestion).

How to use search terms

Search terms is basically what people want and think. I can’t think of anything more important when you want to optimize Adwords, keywords, ads, landing pages etc.

Let’s get a little more serious and go more in detail of how to use search terms in the optimizing process.

You set up your target like the keywords in search, Urls in dynamic ads and products in shopping. Now it is time to see if you are pulling the right kind of customers in.

You do that by sorting the search terms. Your goal is:

Negative keywords
Adding negative keywords, so you don’t have to pay non potential customers. You should be able to save XX percent of your cost.

Specifying keywords
One keyword might activate thousand of search terms, some of them might be very valuable others may not. Some might have a high CPC others may not. You want to bid the right amount based on value/cost. By making the good search terms to keywords, you will have the data to optimize your bidding.

When you know what people wants, it is easy to write good ads. My ads often sucks, when I am not sure what people want and almost always good when I know what they want.

Landing pages
Same as with the ads. When you know what people wants, it is easier to write landing pages that converts.

Quality score
If there is a magic bullet to improve quality score, it is definitely the search terms. The process of adding negative and specifying positive keywords will take you a long way. If you do the whole process well with ads and landing pages, you should get close to a perfect 10.

Knowing your customers
Every day you make hundreds of small decisions, that either lead to success or failure. Knowing what you customers wants, should make the decisions easy.

I have never seen this process done without leading to big improvements, but you will learn all the time and at one point you probably need to update your Adwords structure.

When you have been maintaining your Adwords account by sorting your search terms for some time, you find that your ads and ad groups are too broad targeted.
The classic method to solve the problem is to split the ad groups into more targeted ad groups. Adwords will promote this solution in the opportunities tab. To get full effect, you need to incorporate the new more target keyword into a more target message in the ads and landing page.

SKAG Campaign Builder

It can be time consuming to split ad groups many times. One way to save time and get better results is to use SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) ad group. It sound scary for most people to have one ad group for each keyword, but when you try it, it is actually a simpler process.

When you start with more general targeted ad groups and split them into more targeted ad groups, it is a creative process. But with this, as many creative processes, it is time consuming and take a high level of skills and concentrations.

The SKAG method is more structured. It does take some moment where you need to be very creative, but after that, it is full speed ahead.

Without explaining how to make efficient SKAG campaigns in details, I will just outline the most important aspects in relation to search terms.

When you organize your keywords for a SKAG campaign, you write lists of keywords that can be inserted into ad text in the same place.

Like “Cheap cover for your black Moto Z” or “Cheap battery for your red OnePlus 5” after the form “Cheap “Accessory” for your “Color” “Mobile””.

By combining your keyword lists to get SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) ad groups. You will be able to make many very target ad groups like the “cover/black/Moto Z adgroup” with ex. The keyword: +cover +black +Moto Z, ad which directly message: “Cheap cover for your black Moto Z” and a landing page where you only show black covers to Moto Z.

So why this is important in relation to search terms?
Sorting your search terms is kept to a minimum. Since you have only one keyword in your SKAG and it is in exact/phrase/modified broad match, you only get search terms that include your one keywords. The added keywords can either be added to the SKAG (which then will be a bit more specified) or part of the keyword can be added to a negative keyword list.

Since you made your keywords almost equal to your search terms, you should get a perfect quality score. It is because of a very high CTR (the ad text can be almost what the customer want), the ad and landing page can be very relevant. All resulting in a high quality score.

You don’t need to split ad groups, since it is difficult to make ad groups with less than one keyword. You might find extra keywords in you search terms, that you can insert in your list and generate x number of new ad groups.

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