Semi-automate your Adwords

Semi-automate your Adwords

How can Adwords automation help you do a better job?

Every Adwords expert know, that they could do much better, if they had more time and resources.

Adwords is already doing a lot of automatizing like: Including your ad in the auction, even you don’t have a keyword for misspell/plural/etc., enhance your bid for keywords where the searcher have been on your site before, show your better performing ads more and let your use Conversion Optimizer to make the optimal bid for every possibility for an ad impression etc.

All Adwords experts have also tried to export data into a spreadsheet, analyze it and made adjustments. Then sitting back and wonder about how hundreds of similar tasks would help and then try to figure out how to maintain the changes.

We are working on automation and semi-automate a lot of these takes in our new version of our Adwords tool. Here are some examples:

Out of stock, 404 page or a page that isn’t available
We all know there is a problem when: Some of the landing pages is downloading very slow, products are out of stock or some other problem.

Because it is a temporary problem, you consider, if it is worth your time to fix it. If it is, you need to locate how big a problem it is (one or million of pages) and deal with it. When the problem have been fixed, you need to turn everything back on.

The threshold of what is worth your time is quite high. In a large e-commerce site you could probably be doing it all day for out of stock products and not even consider products that have low stock.

Our solution:
We are testing a one button solution, where you can pause all ads that lead to a page that don’t show.

If you have an ecommerce site, you might want to stop using your money to send people to products that are out of stock.

Which kind of keywords are performing for you
Most Adwords professionals have tried to order the keywords in Adwords editor and paused the keyword with lowest quality score. Filter keywords with no conversions and order them after cost, to find the keywords who drain the budget without giving conversions.

The problem is that it is time consuming and to advance for average apprentice to analyze the data. But what if you had a whole team of experts that could do the number crunching for you? What would you ask them to do?

  • Find patterns of underperforming parts of your Adwords account and make suggestion of how to fix it.
  • Find overperforming parts of your Adwords account and make suggestion of how to expand them.

Underperforming parts could be keywords with low CTR, high cost per conversion/no conversion and low ad relevance quality score. Chances are that this group either need some work or need to be put into negative/paused keywords.

Our solution:
Our data say that you should built Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG), to be able to target precisely and pick the most profitable keywords. The problem is that it is difficult and time consuming to do manually.

What routine tasks would you automate?

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