You can use the synonym keyword tool, when you have made your keyword list and want to squish the last keywords out of it.

The synonym tool replace words in your keyword with synonyms and make all combinations without changes the order or the keyword.

So “cheap car” become: affordable auto, affordable automobile, affordable automotive vehicle, affordable motor vehicle, affordable motorcar, bargain priced auto, bargain priced automobile, bargain priced automotive vehicle, bargain priced motor vehicle, bargain priced motorcar, cut price auto, cut price automobile, cut price automotive vehicle, cut price motor vehicle, cut price motorcar, cut rate auto, cut rate automobile, cut rate automotive vehicle, cut rate motor vehicle, cut rate motorcar, inexpensive auto, inexpensive automobile, inexpensive automotive vehicle, inexpensive motor vehicle, inexpensive motorcar, low budget auto, low budget automobile, low budget automotive vehicle, low budget motor vehicle, low budget motorcar, low cost auto, low cost automobile, low cost automotive vehicle, low cost motor vehicle, low cost motorcar, low priced auto, low priced automobile, low priced automotive vehicle, low priced motor vehicle, low priced motorcar

It is a very powerful method to expand the number of keywords, so use it carefully.

Add keywords you want to synomized
Paste the keywords you want find synonyms for in the left box (One keyword per line).

Choose the language from the drop down menu above the input box.

Choose the vocabulary data base from the drop-down menu to the right above the output box.

Click Start and wait until it finish. The process is finish when it you see: Input: Done

Advanced Setting

In the Advanced Setting you can choose your input and output keyword list from the drop-down menu. The keywords from the input keywords are taken from the Good keywords and the output is processed as unsorted keywords.

You find the output keywords as a task (promising/questionable) and in the output box.

Maximum words in keyword: Are a method for you to control the number of words you want to have combinations of keywords found for. If it is a long keyword it can be quit many combinations.

Let illustrate it with an example. Let image each word have 3 synonyms, when we will get:

1 word = 3 combinations
2 words = 9
3 words = 27
4 words = 81
5 words = 243
6 words = 729
7 words = 2187
8 words = 6561
9 words = 19683

We recommend that you leave it in 4 words maximum.


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  1. Frank August 26, 2012 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    Great tool. I was stuck with some money-cow Adwords campaigns. I didn’t know how to improve them. I put them though the synonym tool and got a extra 7% in market share and 4,8 % in ROI.

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