Terms used to search for keyword lists

Terms used to search for keyword lists

Have you tried to find the same list again and again as part of your keyword research? I found that I searched for the same terms for list all the time (mostly: keyword + list).

I start thinking that I had to make a list of related terms for lists and check which had the most success.

This is the terms of lists I had the most success with:

  1. Keyword List
  2. Glossary
  3. List
  4. Dictionary
  5. Terms
  6. List all Terminology
  7. Jargon
  8. Word list
  9. A-Z list
  10. Official records
  11. Records
  12. Listing
  13. Directory

I usually search: keyword + term of list

I had great success with 2 -13, but I never had any success searching for “keyword list”. I always end up with a fake list or a list that only include very mainstream keywords. I included it anyway, because someday people will realize what a great resource to attract potential customers a keyword list can be.

If you use Adwords, search terms is a great resource to find the words people use to find your product.

If you like to know more you can read a more detailed article of the technique of finding a keyword list.


  • Thanks for the good question Adanew.

    Yes it is possible to make a good keyword list if you start with just a few keywords. But to get a excellent keyword list with keyword niches that other don’t know about, you need to either use a better keyword tool, work harder or/and start with words that other haven’t thought of.

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