The perfect long tail landing page

The perfect site start with the perfect landing pages. If you can make a page that answer the potential customers questions and give an offer they can’t say nay to, you probably nailed it.

The problem is that people have different problems, questions, locations and are in different phases in the buying process.

Acknowledging the problem
As an subject expert you might know things with confidence, that your customers don’t. Let’s image a searchers is looking for a light bulb for his Toyota Yaris 2004 left front position light. You might know that most cars in that category will need a T10 light bulb, but that might not be enough for the searcher to feel sure enough to buy.

With a targeted title like this:

Light bulb for Toyota Yaris 2004 left front position lights

You show a picture of the car and a close up of the left front position lights and other information you have available. Then the customers can see you acknowledging his problem and they feel confident that you have the right product to solve it.

Many times I see acknowledging the problem can change the conversion rate from 0,5% to 50% in this kind of problems. Other times a bit less, but always significant.

Done right it also gives a lot of organic traffic, improve quality score and market share in Google Ads.

Answer the non expressed questions
In the above example it is pretty clear what the main question is. Other times it might be a more general question, which need a whole article to answer the question, before the customer is ready to buy.

There might also be a whole series of questions that need to be answered as:

  • Shipping cost and time?
  • Is this the best product to solve my problem?
  • Do I trust the company?
  • Etc.

Keyword research
Mapping the difference questions is the first step to see if you can answer them.

If you answer the specific question first and then answer the general questions later, when you can lay the foundation for a successful landing page.

Sell the product/service
You paid to get potential customers to your site. To make the money back and a profit, you need to make the sell. If the potential customers choose a difference seller, then you don’t make a profit.

Make sure your customers want to buy your product. Nice pictures, good description, social proof and lots of information about your product. For most customers it is enough to know the information is available. They don’t want to read it all.

Sell yourself
Potential customers do not only buy into the product, but also the seller. Do they think you sell quality products, live up to garanties and make other customers happy.

Back up plan
If you should have missed the searchers intention, then it is good to have a well organized site, where it is easy to find what they are looking for.

Most shopping software have filters, so you can filter some products that fulfill the searchers requirement.
The sorting options can be used to target prices wishes, so ex:

  • Best => Price: High to Low
  • Cheap => Price: Low to High
  • Default => Most orders

So most shops have thousands of targeted landing pages that they don’t use, when the demand is more targeted than the category pages.

The foundation of targeted landing pages
Before you can make the targeted landing pages, you need to know:

  • Which keywords do people use
  • How many use which keywords
  • What are their intent
  • Which keywords converts
  • What kind of problems do they need a solution for
  • Etc.

We recommend two methods to find the best keywords to target. The most important is to make keyword lists and combine them to Ad Groups with only one keyword (We have a tool for that called Combo).

The second method is to sort your search terms (we have a tool for that as well). Then you do that you get at unfiltered overview of what people problems is and what they see as a solution.